So, it’s week 3 in the Big Brother 22 All-Stars house. Two houseguests have already been evicted, and things are just heating up.

It would have been fun to rank the houseguests from most to least likely to win before the season started, but here we are.

Actually, I like having a bit of insight before going in blind.

So, let’s do this. I want to talk about each of the 14 remaining houseguests’ chances to win Big Brother 22 All-Stars (ranked from least to most likely).

14. Memphis

After that HOH reign where he ruffled (rustled?) almost as many feathers as he possibly could, I’m feeling cold about Memphis’s chances at winning the season. Even if he gets to the final 2 and pleads his case to the jury, I don’t see many housemates he could beat from a likability perspective.

Sorry, but I really don’t see it.

13. Nicole F.

There are only two winners in the house this season, and unfortunately Nicole F. is one of them. Why is that unfortunate?

Because she has an uphill battle even if she gets to final 2. Convincing the jury to award her a second half-million instead of whoever is next to her? Yeah, not likely.

It gets worse, though, because Nicole’s only chance is going to final 2 with Ian (which we’ve already seen them discuss). But between them, I give Ian the overwhelming odds to win the jury.

Sorry, girl, but this is going to be tough.

12. Kevin

Kevin survived an early scare this season, and I see him going very far now that more active players have each other in their sights.

The problem? I have a hard time seeing Kevin sell himself to a jury of his peers. So far, he has been sorely lacking in confidence and game prowess, which makes his odds of winning quite low in my eyes.

His best chance is to go to the end with someone the house doesn’t like.

11. David

I like David. But his refusal to accept an olive branch from Da’Vonne last episode painted his game in an unfortunate light.

It’s east to root for the biggest underdog of the season. But I seriously question David’s strategy so far in the season.

The good news? He’s survived the block once, and I’ve hardly heard his name come up at all among the season’s powerhouses (in discussing future targets).

10. Ian

I actually really like Ian’s game so far this season. He’s likable and rational, and I have no doubts that he could get into the endgame again this year.

There’s just two problems: first, he’s already on the radar for some of the season’s most aggressive players (like Cody and Memphis); second, he’s already won the game once, which could really damage his chances of winning the jury should he make it to final 2 again.

So, overall, I don’t love Ian’s chances. However, if he gets to final 2 with someone the jury dislikes, he could pull off another win.

9. Janelle

It hurts to put her here, but OMG the house is obsessed with her!

So here’s the deal. If Janelle and Kaysar are targetted and Kaysar goes home first, I think Queen Janelle’s chances improve significantly. As a lone wolf, it’s possible she can skate by while big alliances take each other out.

I would love nothing more than seeing Janelle win Big Brother 22 All-Stars, but at this point it’s really difficult to picture. Her legendary status isn’t helping her any.

8. Kaysar

You could swap these 8th and 9th place spots if you wanted. For the same reasons as Janelle, Kaysar’s best chance is if Janelle is evicted before him.

The reason I decided to put his odds a touch higher than Janelle’s?

His legendary status would be minimized in the absence of Janelle. It’s therefore easier to picture him skating by (I mean, even if Janelle rides solo, could she survive?).

7. Da’Vonne

I would love to see Da’Vonne win. So far, I feel better about her odds in Big Brother All-Stars than in either of her previous seasons, but I have some concerns.

Day is, unfortunately, outside of most of the big alliances so far.

The good news is that Da’Vonne does have trustworthy allies, and her intuition is the sharpest in the house. She just might have enough tools in her belt to arrange deals and keep herself alive in the game. Fingers crossed!

6. Dani

I’m the most unsure about this placement. But Dani is in with the big alliances and hasn’t even been mentioned yet in nomination deliberations.

It will be interesting to see how soon she is nominated when someone outside the majority alliance wins HOH. And if she makes it to the end, can she win the jury vote?

I don’t know. But for right now, she seems to be sitting pretty.

5. Cody

If you made a Venn diagram of all the alliance circles in the house, Cody would probably be overlapped more than any other player. He seems to be in with just about everyone.

The fact that Cody got through the first HOH reign with basically zero hard feelings? Impressive. I may have underestimated his social skills before the game. Or maybe he’s improved a lot since BB16?

Either way, I feel good about Cody. I’m not sure he’ll survive if his alliance starts getting picked off, but I have faith in his ability to make honest deals to propel himself further through the game.

And he can definitely win a jury.

4. Bayleigh

I didn’t get a chance to watch Bayleigh in her first season, but so far I’m impressed with her social prowess. And I don’t really hear her name coming up on many shit lists.

It’s easy to imagine Bayleigh getting into the late stages of the game. My main question is how she’ll get through some of the threats that will surely await her when things get down to the wire.

3. Enzo

Now that I’m typing this, it feels a little high. But here was my reasoning:

Enzo hasn’t even felt present in the house, but I mean that as a compliment. He’s just chillin’.

At the same time, he’s buddies with some of the power players in the house. It’s very easy to see him in the final 6…5…4…3 while everyone takes each other out.

He’s likable enough to win a jury, which is exactly why he wasn’t taken to final 2 in season 12. We’ll see if he can go the distance this time.

2. Christmas

I’ve been doing this in reverse order, starting with the players I’ve been least confident about. And here we are.

Christmas is quietly strategic – friendly and sincere while clearly keeping her own game in mind at all times (take her saving of Ian as an example).

She’s got allies left and right, and she’s not the big target at the head of any alliance.

And she could absolutely win the jury vote.

1. Tyler

Again, I’m surprising myself a little bit as I get to these last few spots.

But Tyler (not me) has a lot of potential to work his way into the final 2 once again, and win this time. He’s got more alliances than he even wanted, and he works well with all types of players.

Yeah, I could see him winning for sure.

Thanks for reading my power rankings for the 14 remaining houseguests on Big Brother 22 All-Stars. Be sure to stick around for weekly recaps and power rankings. Xoxo! T.