This week, a Renegade went rogue, The Commission made me question, and season 21ers came under fire. Welcome to Big Brother All-Stars!

Alright, so what’s new? Another low-key player was voted out (RIP Nicole A.), and all the fan-faves are still around (no shade).

At what cost, you ask? Well, at the cost of a Renegade’s reputation.

I always saw Memphis as a loyal, dutiful member of the Renegades alliance that swept through season 10. But in Big Brother 22, he’s been rather unpleasant.

In his nomination speech, he told David that he wanted him to prove himself in the Big Brother house, because David has only played a cumulative two weeks.

If that was the least offensive thing Memphis could say to his nominee to minimize hard feelings, it’s no wonder his allies started having second thoughts about working with him this week.

Let’s back up a bit and talk about the competitions this week, and how they impacted the game.

Red is the color of power! I love this business casual look Julie served.


Head of Household

In a strange start to the week, Uncle Vito & Co. showed up with video messages that houseguests needed to pay very close attention to, then answer true-or-false questions about.

Memphis won, and nominated David and Nicole A.

Safety Suite

Memphis strategically invited the entire house to play in the Safety Suite competition this week so that he and Cody could guarantee themselves safety next week.

It sorta worked, with seven houseguests scanning their way in to play.

The confusing part? Cody also played in the Safety Suite competition. I hope someone can tell me what happened there, because isn’t that exactly what he wasn’t supposed to do?

Anyway, Christmas won and took Ian as her plus-one (after a successful conversation they had pre-competition where Ian asked her to keep him safe if she won).

Christmas’s alliance was like “WTF, Christmas?” But she’s here to play her own game and make her own allies, so I like her choice.

Power of Veto

At this point, I wanted Memphis’s plan to blow up. I hoped someone would save either David or Nicole A. from the block, and force Memphis to make a third enemy this week.

Alas, none of that happened. Memphis won a very Survivor-esque ball-balancing competition, and kept his nominees the same.

Second Eviction

I really like both David and Nicole A., so it was sad to see Nicole evicted by a 10-to-2 vote.

However, I’m glad David will be around to (hopefully) enact his revenge on Memphis. With David’s ally Tyler winning HOH after the eviction, it seems he will live to fight on at least one more week.

Where that leaves us…

Overall, this eviction didn’t feel terribly consequential. Alliances are still shifting and changing every day, and Nicole feels like an unfortunate casualty to an early game that has targeted low-key players with a low threat level.

The good news? That leaves all our big characters in play.

Janelle, for example, is so popular she was trending on Twitter last night during the eviction episode, despite not being the HOH or a nominee. (And not under the #BB22 umbrella. I saw the word “Janelle” trending as high as 3rd place among all tweets. She’s iconic, and thankfully still in the house.)

And honestly, most of the houseguests are threatening players at this point. It’s hard to know who will come out on top, but I can’t wait to see how this week plays out under Tyler’s HOH reign.

Thanks for sharing some tea with me today! Be sure to come back each week to talk about what’s new in the Big Brother 22 house. Xoxo, T.