Does Drag Race ever stop? No, no it doesn’t. Am I complaining? No, no I’m not. Canada’s Drag Race has brought more light to these uncertain unprecedented decidedly un-fierce times, when everything looks so dark.

So let’s talk about our fabulous neighbors to the north. Canada turned it out, but its version of Drag Race also left some things to be desired.

Drag Race fans, start your engines. And may the best reader stay strong north and true and fierce…or whatever.

The Sickening

  • Aesthetically, Canada’s Drag Race is top-notch. They clearly had a budget when producing this season, and it shows. Right away, what stands out is the new stage. There is depth and character to it that we have yet to see in Drag Race, and I love it! (Clock the maple leaf-stamped pillars off the sides of the runway, the multi-dimensional cutout in the stage entrance, and the fun multi-pattern backdrop for the judges’ panel).
  • There is no shortage of talented queens of all kinds. We see a huge variety of styles and competencies – from the campy and clowny to the elegant and glamorous. There are so many niches and identities represented in this group, it must have set the record. From two-spirit Ilona Verley to Indo-Guyanese Priyanka, and busty clown Jimbo to punk-rock makeup goddess Scarlett Bobo, there is just so much to see, and so many queens to root for!
  • Our winner gives us charisma for days, and she sets Canada’s Drag Race on a great track for queer POC representation.
  • The Snatch Game. OMG, Lemon’s JoJo Siwa makes me giggle just thinking about her. Jimbo and Rita Baga also killed it as Joan Rivers and Edith Piaf (respectively). Overall, these queens did our favorite episode justice.
  • The finale song is my favorite part of all the modern seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I’m pleased to report that Priyanka, Scarlett Bobo, and Rita Baga killed it with their performance of “U Wear It Well.” Their choreography is perfect. Also, I love how long each queen’s verse is – I count 16 measures apiece (for comparison, “Read U Wrote U” also allotted 16 measures per queen, but “Kitty Girl” and “Queens Everywhere” only allowed a brisk 8 per queen). Overall, a winner, baby!

The Sickly

  • There is already abundant hate online for the judges this season…but yes, I agree that they were the weak spot in Canada’s Drag Race‘s first season. Stacy McKenzie was fine…and I’ll stop there.
  • I’ll be honest with you – I can’t really think of more negatives, other than how off-color some of the judging remarks were. For example, Brooke Lynn called out Ilona Verley for the complexion of her…ass! Come on, now. In 2020, we’re body-shaming for red marks on butt cheeks?

  • Worst of all, the judges (besides Stacy) didn’t feel genuine. Part of me gets it: How in the hell are you supposed to step into RuPaul’s shoes on the judging panel for a season, when he is such an inimitable icon in the queer community? It would be like someone taking over for Britney Spears on her concert tour for a while; even Derrick Berry would have serious trouble satisfying fans in that role.
  • But my empathy for the judges doesn’t change the fact that their personalities felt forced and insincere for much of the competition. A prime example: Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman tells Jimbo “Welcome to the competition!” when she slays a maxi challenge. The kicker? She had just won the previous week’s challenge, and received positive critiques several times before. It just feels like JBC reached into a bag of reality-TV judging catchphrases and pulled one out randomly. Thus, his comment feels undeserved and inappropriate.

Canada’s Drag Race is sooo silly, it makes us wonder why ______!

  • While the queens untucked in the work room each episode, they bundled up in blankets like it was 30 degrees (fahrenheit). Did CDR use its whole budget on the shiny new stage, and forget to supply heat to the studio? Was this show filmed in a warehouse somewhere in the Canadian tundra? Was this an intentional production choice to differentiate Canada’s Drag Race from the US and UK versions of the show (lest we forget that Canada is cold)?
  • If RuPaul could host RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, why couldn’t he hop over the northern border and be present for the Canadian version of the show? I understand we’ve probably hit a limit on his time (with all the spin-offs happening now, Drag Race is seriously never-ending). I just know this would have been an all-time great season had he been present. Sorry aboot it.
  • I’m happy she won, but Priyanka had the worst track record of the final 3, and showed no improv prowess through the competition. While report cards aren’t everything in Drag Race, it makes me wonder what really defines a winning queen. Is charisma more important than U.N.T.? Were the judges unanimous in their decision? Was there dissent? I guess we’ll never know.

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