It’s a little late to be writing about this, innit luv? But I can’t help it. I loved it. Such a variety of queens! So many sickening looks! RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is packed with memorable moments, and I just have to talk about it. Let’s go through the very best parts of the UK’s premiere season of Drag Race.

1. “Jina”

In a Snatch Game performance hailed by Michelle Visage as perhaps the best ever, Vivienne delivered an unforgettable impression of Donald Trump. The most memorable line is “All tea, no collusion, especially with Russia, and definitely not with China,” only China is pronounced “Jina” (about 0:58 in the video below).

It’s incredible – so hilarious that it was getting RTed onto my Twitter timeline long before I ever got the chance to watch the show or know who was doing the impression. Absolutely top-tier Snatch Game moment. Period.

2. Baga Chips as Margaret Thatcher

In the same episode, Baga Chips gave us a performance that, honestly, was even funnier than The Vivienne’s Donald Trump.

As Margaret Thatcher, Baga had me laughing out loud. “More money for the rich, and less for the poor,” she says behind wicked eyebrows and overlarge buck teeth.

We first saw Michelle’s “best Snatch Game performance ever” comment in the “Next Time on Drag Race UK” segment at the end of the prior episode. While watching this episode, I thought the praise would be going to Baga.

My thoughts on Baga and Vivienne both winning? Deserved. Winner winner, two chicken dinners!

3. Divina de Campo on the runway

I don’t know what I was expecting from our first batch of UK queens, but for some reason their runway looks were much fiercer than I was prepared for.

There are several queens who really went above and beyond (to the moon, you could say) in their outfit construction, but the one who made my jaw drop the most was Divina.

Divina absolutely killed it on the runway. Every time. There are a few standout moments from her that I will always remember (the jockey, weird science, and UK flag looks among them), but I’m most impressed by how she turned a tarp into a couture, high-fashion ensemble (pictured above).

Truly stunning.

4. “Break Up Bye Bye” (Frock Destroyers)

The finale songs on RuPaul’s Drag Race are generally pretty good, but it’s rare to have a mid-season musical challenge turn out this well.

There’s no two ways about it (actually, technically, there is #FilthHarmony, the inferior version); “Break Up Bye Bye” is the fiercest song to ever come from a mid-season challenge.

Divina, Baga, and Blu absolutely turn it out in their slaggy (am I using that right) black fishnet lewks, and their vocals aren’t bad either. This is especially true of Divina’s Mariah-esque whistle tones, which have all the dogs in my apartment complex howling because I haven’t stopped listened to this song in 48 hours.

5. Blu Hydrangea

Blu is stunning. Blu is funny. Blu can sing. Blu can dance. She slayed the runway all season, turned out a sickening Frock Destroyers performance, and showed comedic prowess as a poonanny-flaunting Mary Berry.

And in addition to her talents as a performer, Blu has an unfortunate (but endearing) story to tell: Northern Ireland, her home, had not legalized gay marriage at the time of filming. It’s tough to watch someone so lovable be restricted by the law of their land, and I just want to give her a hug.

But despite all the reasons to love Blu, I wasn’t originally going to include her as a standalone point on this list. Then, I saw her look at the finale.

And my god. It might be my favorite look of the season (which is saying a lot). But just look at it! I gasped!

6. “Rock It (To The Moon)”

The song that often follows Ru’s “Now let the music play!” has finally been repurposed for a finale performance number, and I love it.

Divina De Campo, The Vivienne, and Baga Chips all look gorgeous in this performance, and I love their unique choreography styles. I’m also impressed at how well these three can sing! I don’t think vocal talent is necessarily a prerequisite to a great Drag Race song, but it sure doesn’t hurt!

This was a perfect cap-off to the fabulous first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, and it’s gone straight into my drag playlist alongside “Break Up Bye Bye.”

Thank you for joining me in discussing the gag-worthy first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. It was such a pleasure meeting these queens, and I’ve had a lot of fun talking about some of their standout moments from the show.

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Xoxo, T.